The 31 Day Guide To Making Money As A Freelance Writer

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The 31 Day Guide To Making Money As A Freelance Writer


Are you fed up with your everyday 9-5 job? Wish you could find away to be your own boss, "make money from home", and increase your income on your own terms? Then make sure you read this...

Writers Listen Up! You Can Now Turn Your Writing Skills Into Extra Income Right From The Comfort Of Your Own Home...

I've Got A Blueprint For You That Guides You Through Daily Steps For 31 Straight Days Until You're Actually Making Money.

This "Simple System" Gives You Small Assignments To Complete For The Next Month...

=> There is nothing for you to "sort out" by yourself.

=> The plan is uncomplicated ans easy for anyone to follow each day.

=> It takes you from "Newbie to Guru" in 31 days, from no money to profits!

Dear Friend,

There are hundreds of work from home models and business ideas on the market, some work great most are a huge waste of time. Today, I have a work from home blueprint that is going to knock your socks off, mainly because it works so well.

No more searching and scouring the internet or business opportunity magazines, because a money making business is staring you in the face right now, it's been tested and it works!

I'm talking about becoming a Freelance W.R.I.T.E.R.™

In fact, here are 7 great reasons why writing for a living is a great job:

You can work from the comfort of your home. The benefits of this are enormous including things like the "30 second commute to the office" and the "dress however you want" dress code.

You can work from anywhere in the world. It only takes an internet connection and a notebook computer to make it happen.

You can enjoy a flexible schedule and the ability to set your own hours. No more 9-5 prision, you can even work in the middle of the night if you want.

You get to choose your clients. As the boss of your own business, you don't have to put up with difficult clients if you don't want to.

You set your rates. You no longer have to be told what you are worth or let someone else determine your paycheck, its now your decision.

Writing is a creative, fulfilling job. Wouldn't it be nice to do what you like when it comes to earning an income? Now is your chance.

You can get started quickly with little or no investment. Once again all you need is a computer and an internet connection to get started.

In addition to those 7 great reasons its also important to know that content is still king! Whether its a traditional brick and mortar business or a website online, good content is needed to grow a business. And good writers are in demand!

Why Most Writers Give Up To Soon And The Three Road Blocks That Stop Them (And How You Can Get Past Them!) ...

Writing for a living may be one of the oldest professions around. Just a few years back, it only seemed writing for a living was for those who worked at a newspaper or magazine, or you wrote books. Now the medium has changed and its accessible to a much greater audience. However many don't make it very far. Here is why...

1) They don't have a portfolio! To make it in this business you are going to have to show some samples of your work to get hired. No one is going to hire you if they can't see your previous work. Sadly, many never figure this out when they continually get passed over for projects and jobs. I will teach you how to overcome this starting on Day 2 of the 31 day guide.

2) They don't know how and where to find clients! If you don't have clients you can't get hired and you can't make any money. Don't let this be your roadblock too, because starting on Day 10 I am going to show you how to find clients via a variety of different resources.

3) They don't know how to execute for success! Most don't know that the reason they are failing in their freelance writing business is due to poor execution. Starting on day 24 I will share with you 4 execution secrets that will help you overcome one of the biggest road blocks to success.

Wouldn't it be nice to finally avoid the normal struggles that come with money making endeavors? Wouldn't it be great to eliminate the learning curve?

You can do that when you are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to overcome the roadblocks that always slow everyone else down!

Discover How To Start Making Money As A Freelance Writer Using My

Proven W.R.I.T.E.R. Formula™...

Here's how it works:

W- WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS: This is where you decide what type of content you'd like to write.

R- RECEIVE PAYMENT: Here you'll find out how to accept payments.

I- IDENTIFY CLIENTS: Need clients? No problem. I'll show you where to get all the clients you need.

T- TAKE INVENTORY OF NEEDS: You'll learn how to find out what your clients really want (even if they're being vague about the project details).

E- EXECUTE THE WORK ORDER: Here you'll discover how to fulfill the order and meet (if not exceed) your client's expectations.

R- REACH YOUR POTENTIAL: Finally, you'll discover tips to help you go from making a few dollars to making a comfortable living!

But Can A Person Really Make Money As A Freelance Writer?

In a recent non-scientific, informal, community, poll, a group of writers were asked about their income. They were asked to anonymously reveal how much money they brought in per month.

Of this small, non-scientific sampling, 44% averaged under $1000/ month, 27% brought in between $1000 and $2000 per month, and 28% brought in over $2000 per month. Keep in mind that less than half of these respondents worked 8 hours/day on average, and less than half had more than one year of experience.

So yes it is possible to make good money as a writer. If you could use an extra few hundered dollars, or a few thousand a month this may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Introducing: "The 31 Day Guide To Making Money As A Freelance W.R.I.T.E.R™"

In this 31 Day Guide, everything is broken down into easy-to-follow daily action steps for 31 days. Most daily assignments are very quick to complete (you could easily do 4-5 in one day if you wanted).

Here are just a few things you'll discover...

[] My money making W.R.I.T.E.R.™ formula that helps you weight your options, receive payments, identify clients, take inventory of needs, execute the work order, and reach your potential.

[] How to build your portfolio, the importance of building a portfolio, and 8 important areas to include in your portfolio: Ebooks and reports, articles, blog posts, newsletters, technical writing, sales copy, press releases, and any other types of writing.

[] How creating your own samples, giving away freebies to influential others, and offering introductory specials can help you build your portfolio. . .even before you land your first client.

[] 8 different types of content you can choose to create: articles, seo articles, blog posts, social media posts, forum posts, short reports, Ebooks (or books) and emails. Plus you will learn ho to choose a specialty.

[] How to price your services, how to choose a payment structure and the 2 ways to handle it, and how to accept payments. I will also give you the 5 best options you can use to accept payments.

[] The four important questions you should ask yourself to help you identify and profile your target market.

[] How to find clients on freelancing boards and my rolodex of the 5 most popular freelancing sites you be using. Further, I will show you how you in detail how to use thes sites to your advantage.

[] The three main ways to advertise and find clients on forums using a signature file, placing ads, and purchasing paid advetising. I will also share with you 3 of the main forums you should be using.

[] 2 Ways to find clients on CraigsList.org and how to use press releases, classified ads, netwroking with local business owners, and direct contacting to find clients offline.

[] An A-Z guide on How to create a website that showcases your services, starting with basics like choosing a domain name, and how to get hosting. You will also discover two methods of outsourcing to get your site developed, and a 14 step do-it-yourself tutorial on installing your own blog. Lastly, you will discover the 4 elements of what you need to include on your website.

[] 3 reasons a blog is very beneficial to attract clients and 3 easy steps to get Google traffic to your blog.

[] How to attract new clients through Pay Per Click Marketing (Google AdWords) and how to get others to send you targeted leads through Joint ventures, starting and starting an affiliate program.

[] How to take inventory of your client's needs through questionnaires. Get sample questions to ask your clients, learn the negatives of miscommunication, and discover the long term and short term value to using this method.

[] What YOU MUST DO before you ever write a single word for a client! This covers laying out your expectations, ho much you will be paid, payment structure, scope of the project, delivery deadlines, revision terms, guarantees, and more.

[] The 4 "ExecutionSecrets" for turning first-time clients into loyal (even rabid) repeat buyers. Hint: These secrets are what seperate the very succesful freelance writers from everyone else. You will get numerous tips, ideas, and examples showing you how to master each of these secrets.

[] The 3 best times to ask your clients for their repeat business, plus the 3 main ways to ask your clients for referrals, and how to ask for the upsell with your current clients order.

[] 4 different types of bad clients that will suck the business life out of you and that you need to fire. Time wasters, get-something-for-nothing clients, slow or no pay clients, and difficult clients.

This 62-page guide is concise, but comprehensive. No fluff. No filler. Just simple meaty steps to follow, taking you from "start to finish".

Grab your copy now by clicking the green "I Want This" button. It's only $11.95. You will be able to access it instantly upon successful completion of payment.

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A Day-By-Day Work From Home Guide To Freelance Writing

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